Greg is a pro-life, conservative small businessman who has been endorsed by the NRA and earned an  A+ rating for 14 straight years.  He is a fifth-generation Florida farmer, who got into politics when he needed someone he could talk to about an issue affecting his farm.

The Primary Election is just weeks away. We urgently need volunteers to help build our campaign in every community across the district. Will you join Greg's fight to preserve Conservative Panhandle Values today? We need people to talk with their neighbors, and more.

Greg's conservative principles are guided by the belief that by focusing on building strong families, getting our neighbors back to work and putting our children first, we’ll have a solid foundation from which we can get our government and nation back on track.

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Greg needs volunteers across the district to engage with their friends and neighbors.


From - Evers picks up LEO endorsements
Will Isern, wisern@pnj.com6:28 p.m. CDT August 3, 2016 Two law enforcement advocacy organizations have endorsed Greg Evers in his bid for Congress, the Evers campaign announced Wednesday. Evers picked up endorsements...
Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Greg Evers for Congress
Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police District 1 Announces the Endorsement of Greg Evers Congressional District 1 The Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police, with the favorable recommendation...
Florida Police Benevolent Association Endorses Greg Evers for Congress

Will you please help make sure Greg's campaign has the resources we need to fight to preserve Conservative Panhandle Values?

One of the best ways to help Greg is to spread the word about the campaign to your friends and family.

Things are already moving fast. Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest news from the campaign.

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